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Catholic Mass in Brno

There is a catholic mass in Brno celebrated in English every Sunday in the Jesuit church at 12:15 pmThe mass is usually presided by Fr. František Hylmar SJ, Fr. Ladislav Nosek SJ or Fr. Jan Pacner. The contact person is Fr. Ladislav Nosek SJ. His mobile phone number is 605 059 375 and his e-mail:

The proper name of the church is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie), but it is popularly known as "Jesuit church" (U Jezuitů). Address is: Jezuitská, BRNO-střed, 602 00. The church can be found in the map of Brno.

The congregation is small but we hope in increase. So, you are welcome. We also have a cup of tea or coffee after the mass to get know each other. Thus, if you have time and will, you are welcome.

Ladislav Nosek SJ